If you are reading this mini article, you may be considering taking on the ModdBox Supercharger Kit installation on your own.  If so, we have made three suggestions to make the project more enjoyable.

Since we know the weekend DIY projects are often side tracked by kids, open cases of beer, and misplaced tools, we decided to include the following three pointers to help you on your way:

1.  Read the manual.  I know most of us probably think we don’t need to…  but believe me, you could save a lot of time doing the install in the correct order.

2.  Install it with a friend.  This makes the job more fun and keeps you from doing something stupid.

3.  If you are not sure if you can finish this the install in one day (after reading the manual of course), we recommend breaking the installation up into two mini-projects:  (1)  The installation the ModdBox Fuel Pump, and (2) The installation of the ModdBox Supercharger Kit.  Take one project on each day and you’ll have plenty of time for all life’s distractions :)

As the author of this article, I can attest to the wisdom in the above suggestions.  Had I paid more attention to the manual, I would have saved myself a good chunk of my weekend…  not to mention… driving around town for a week with only half a truck.