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At Moddbox, we make every effort to have competitively priced products at the highest quality in the industry.  No cast parts here!  All our parts have been computer numerically control (CNC) milled out of aluminum billet.  This process may be more expensive during the manufacturing and design, but the dimensional precision, aesthetics, and material uniformity speaks for itself!


Design & Manufacturing


In this article, the 3D modeling, design, and manufacture of the Inlet Adaptor Pipe (S130001A) part  is previewed.  Although structural analysis and optimization for fluid dynamics and methanol atomization were included, they are not covered here.

To ensure fitment and compatibility between years and models, a database is collected.  These vehicles are thoroughly photographed, disassembled, and three-dimensionally scanned.  The mating faces are digitized to within 0.05mm (0.002″) and the 3D part designing begins.

The following video clip is a brief depiction the 3D scan and modeling of the Moddbox supercharger kit using data from a 2004 Sport Trac.

Once the 3D model has past the engineering analysis for fluid dynamics and structural analysis it is approved for prototyping.  The S130001A part file is then exported to the CAD/CAM software for CNC programming.


Once the tool paths and run times are optimized, it’s time to start manufacturing.  The aluminum billet is saw cut into blocks and mounted into the CNC milling machine for rough cutting.  Here is photo of the part after the initial cutting and milling.

Rough Cut

After rough cutting, the finish machining is performed and the first axis is completed.  Here is a short video clip of the finishing machining and two photos showing the result.

Finish Cut

Finish 1 Out of Jig

The part is then rotated and re-inserted into the CNC machine for more rough cutting and finish cutting.  This process is repeated 4 times before the raw product takes shape. The two photos show below depict the product after 3 of the 4 axial planes are machined.

After 4 Planes 1

After 4 Planes 2

Once the machining is complete.  The product is then sand blasted and the threads are cut.

Sand Blasted & Threaded

The products are then anodized to produce the highest quality finish.

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Once the product passes inspection, it is packed and prepared for its prospective owners…  just waiting to be mated to a 4.0L SOHC engine!