98-11 Ranger B3000/B4000 3.0L/4.0L CatBack SINGLE


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Part Number: 15679
Notes: Cat Back Exhaust; Single Passenger Side Rear Exit
Manufacturer: MagnaFlow
Piping: 2.50in
Tip Style: Single
Muffler: 5x8x18in
Tip Size: 3.50in

MagnaFlow Exhaust Stainless
Series: Whether you drive a street, offroad or diesel truck/SUV, MagnaFlow has DYNOPROVEN exhaust systems that are rugged enough to survive grueling Baja racing. Each system is designed to bolt right on and provide years of trouble-free performance. Provides a smooth, deep tone that is suitable for grocery-getting SUV’s with casual tow duties to full blown modded drag racing diesel pickups.
* Delivers a Smooth, Deep Tone
* 100% Stainless Steel
* Fully Polished Mufflers
* Dyno Proven
* Lifetime Warranty


MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust got its start as a natural extension of Car Sound Exhaust Systems, Inc., our parent company, that specializes in superior catalytic converter technology. Car Sound Exhaust Systems, Inc. has spent 25 years earning a reputation as a market leader around the world.  Today, we at Car Sound/MagnaFlow are extremely proud of this and stake our 25 years of experience and reputation on each and every one of our products.  Each new product we develop is personally evaluated by me and tested by our team of designers and engineers, then field tested to ensure that these products meet our stringent quality and performance standards.



Prices are in USD.  Product only ships to Canada and the following US states: AK, OR, MT.  Duty and brokerage fee may be charged by carrier to Canadian customers. 

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