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Moddbox is not a tuning service provider.  To purchase this item, visit the Lasota Racing’s Moddbox Specific Online Tuning Service, CLICK HERE

Moddbox has teamed up with Lasota Racing to bring you the simplest, most cost-effective and professional online custom tuning service for your supercharger kit installation.  Welcome to the Moddbox-Lasota online tuning service.

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  • This package includes one tune for your vehicle.  See the moddbox tuning page for more details.
  • This product is applicable for the following flash programmers: X2, X3, X4, LiveWires and TSX devices (even if they have canned tunes).
  • These tunes DO NOT include any tuning hardware, you must already own an X2, X3, X4,LW and TSX.
  • You will need a wideband 02 sensor of your own or access to a wideband.

All tunes include 90 days of free emailed re-tunes from the date of purchase. The free tunes are for the same vehicle with the same basic combo. To receive emailed tunes, you must submit working LiveLink datalogs – see the moddbox tuning page for more details.

IMPORTANT: You MUST submit the serial number of your X2/X3/X4/LiveWire/XTS to us prior to the tune being created. SCT requires the serial number be associated with each tune.