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Product Description

3rd Gen Explorer w/ Manual swap & supercharged/intercooled with lots of other goodies…


MAKE / MODEL: Ford Explorer XLT

ENGINE: 4.0L V6 SOHC Cologne (stock w ~149k miles, rest of drive-train has ~60-70k miles)

TRANSFER CASE:  Borg Warner AWD/4×4 (from 01 Explorer w/ 2WD custom electronic operation)

TRANSMISSION:  M5OD-R1-HD Manual w/ 5-speed (from 03 Ranger w/ custom stick/console and Hurst shifter)

TUNE:  Custom tuned by Lasota Racing.  Comes with COMPLETE SCT DESKTOP SOFTWARE (vin-locked complete tuning license for this vehicle only, usb dongle, support, etc).  SCT x4 handheld included (with pre-loaded stock tune, and 9.5psi tune for economy and towing)


Moddbox products:

  • Gen1 Supercharger Installation Kit  (ported)
  • Rebuilt silver painted 94/95 Rectangular t-Bird supercharger (custom Moddbox port matched inlets)
  • Ceramic coated shorty headers
  • Fitted with & tuned to 9.5 psi supercharger pulley (will throw in used 8.0 and 5.5 pulley)
  • IAT (intake air temp) sensor swap
  • R&D MAF adapter installed
  • Intercooler kit
  • Devilsown 300psi methanol injection kit setup with #6 nozzle and over-sized auxiliary tank, manual spray console switch, boost dash light (orange), and low-fluid-level light (red)
  • Supercharged emblems on hood, side doors, and rear

Other modifications:

  • Full dual custom exhaust front to rear c/w adjustable helmotz resonator, 2x borla resonators, magnaflow tips, and cat delete.
  • Black leather 7-seat swap (completely heated, with powered front and 3rd row)
  • Manual in-cabin rear glass door release button (for hunting/camping)
  • Brown wire mod (in-dash switch to engage 2WD… fun for doing donuts or forcing 2WD in LO. and is amazing for backing up big trailers/etc on grades or offroad)
  • 24″ lightbar hidden behind grill w/ dash switch
  • Blacked out rims, grill & other accessories
  • 12″ entertainment system (ceiling mounted entertainment system with remote and 2 sets of head phones…  reads almost all USB video files and can be hooked up to gaming systems via composite)
  • Hitchgate oversized spare tire carrier (has a quick-removable 10L overland fuel tank c/w matching stock rim and Goodyear Duratrac).  Allows for hauling an extra trailer tire spare under the truck
  • Brake controller & 7-pin wiring to the rear
  • Class II hitch package
  • Roof rack cargo carrier
  • Custom step rails
  • Custom conical air filter / heat shield
  • Slotted and drilled performance rotors all around



**Truck is available as of FEBRUARY 15, 2019.  MORE PHOTOS TO COME…   (photos shown below are from August 2018 Lake Country Car show)

Prices are in USD and the item is available for pickup in the Okanagan BC.  We can also make arrangements to meet deliver it or bring it to the border to facilitate international brokerage.