MAF Adapter


The Moddbox MAF Adapter is an electronic device that adjusts your MAF (Mass Air Flow) signal for higher airflow.

Did you know that your stock MAF sensor is designed for much higher air flows?  When supercharging or turboing your vehicle, the upper range of your sensor output (under high airflow) is not compatible with your vehicle’s stock ECU (Engine Control Unit).  This product adapts your stock MAF sensor output to be compatible to your ECU thereby eliminating the need for expensive aftermarket high flow calibrated MAF sensors.  This product is to be used when tuning your vehicle for boost applications.

This product has three (3) MAF multiplier settings as follows:

(1) Output signal multiplier of 0.90 (-10% or 5.5V to 5.0V)

(2) Output signal multiplier of 0.83 (-17% or 6.0V to 5.0V)

(3) Output signal multiplier of  0.76 (-24% or 6.5V to 5.0V)