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This product is compatible to all the Moddbox Ford 4.0L V6 supercharger kits.  All our supercharger kits have been supplied with a lower plenum that is bolt-on compatible to our intercooler kit.  The intercooler bolts down directly to the lower plenum forming a secure flange mounted installation.  Two elbow fittings are installed in place of the provided plugs where inlet and outlet fittings are installed to the underside of the lower plenum.  These fittings are then plumbed up to the provided coolant pump and radiator.

Included in Kit:
-Intercooler Radiator
-Front Radiator
-Coolant Pump
-RTV Gasket

PDF Link:  Installation Guidelines and Parts List

Product Diagram



Performance 12v 1.2A 25LPH Intercooler Pump



Front Radiator (18″ x 6″ core)


Intercooler Radiator Top View (Flange mounted CNC precision headers c/w air bleeder ports)



Intercooler Core Bottom View (Flange mounted CNC precision headers c/w air bleeder ports)


Universal Coolant Reservoir


Installation Illustration (bolts down between lower plenums and coolant runs through the bottom plenum)

intercoolerAssembled01 intercoolerAssembled02

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 80 × 20 × 30 cm