Ford Racing 47# Fuel Injector

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These are a set of 6 Ford Racing 47lbs/hr fuel injectors ideal for modified engines.  These performance fuel injectors may just be the cure for your fuel starvation problem. Designed for race applications, they work best when used with re-calibrated Hi-Flow mass air sensors or with the Moddbox MAF Adapter. Not recommended for stock engines.

These injectors DO NOT require risers, plug adapters, or any other modification.  These are a direct fit to the 4.0L V6 SOHC Cologne engine and are ideal for high boost configurations of the Moddbox supercharger kit.

All injector flow rates are quoted at a pressure across the injector of 39.15 psi.

Compatibility Notes
These injectors will fit all 4.0L SOHC engines.  FOR PRE-2005 MODELS, ADAPTER PLUGS MAY BE REQUIRED.




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