Ford IAT Relocation Kit


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The Ford Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Relocation Kit is intended for boosted Ford gas applications.

Many Ford tunes rely on accurate Intake Air Temperatures (IATs).  If your vehicle is setup with forced induction, your air temperature will increase while being compressed in your supercharger or turbo.  Since the stock IAT sensor is in your Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor, your engine’s computer will read a temperature that is much cooler than what is actually going into your engine.

This kit is intended to relocate your IAT sensor to a location after your supercharger.  This ensures that the temperatures read by your engine’s computer is accurate.  All Moddbox supercharger kits are designed to have a 3/8″ NPT port for this purpose.

Installation Notes:

The 2 IAT sensor wires going to your MAF sensor should be connected to the two wires on the harness provided.  The polarity does not matter.  The IAT sensor provided is an OEM Ford sensor and is universally compatible to Ford gas engines.

Note:  The nylon style sensor shown in the photos has been discontinued.  The more durable brass sensor shown in photos is now included in the kit.


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