Flexible Stainless EGR Extension & Cooler


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This is the Moddbox universal Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) extension & cooler tube.  This product purchase includes QTY 1 EGR extension.  This product fits all EGR systems for FORD using the standard M22 fitting. It is constructed of a rigid and bendable stainless tube which allows it to maintain any customized shape. It is designed to add cooling to your EGR system as well as provide flexibility to any customization or relocation of the EGR system that may be required.

Think you need more than a 20″ extension?  Simple… buy two and connect them both together and make a continuous 40″ extension which satisfies even the rarest custom applications.

Inlet:  M22 Thread Swivel

Outlet: M22 Thread Non-swivel

Tube Length: 20″ (between fittings)

Total Length: 22″

Max Temperature:  2000 Degrees F

Material Finish: Raw Stainless


Product listing includes:

  • QTY 1 EGR extension & cooler lines
  • QTY 2 galvanized secure clamps


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Moddbox EGR Extension Tube


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